Vanaf 25 januari toont XPO de tentoonstelling ‘A hill is smaller than a mountain’ van ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) gast Miriam Haman.

Opening: 25/01/2018 at 17:00
Period: 25/01 – 04/02/2018
Open: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 12:00 – 17:00
Location: XPO – Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

A hill is smaller than a mountain

In her solo exhibition ‘A hill is smaller than a mountain‘ Miriam Hamann shows two new works which were realized during her stay at ARE. Both works are based on a research about the specific geographical and topographical character of different countries, especially concerning elevation. Having spent half of her childhood in Tyrol the artist grew up in mostly mountainous parts and rocky surroundings. In contrast, most of the Netherlands is extremely flat or even below sea level. The installation 2500 meters above sea level directly refers to this difference. By rebuilding the abstract form of a fence Miriam Hamann displaces alpine signs and forms to Enschede. In its appearance, the barrier refers to mountain slopes and hillsides, whereas it becomes a very abstract, differently slanted form in the space and the flat dutch surroundings.

Also the work series Color field map deals with elevation and the differences of topographical characterization. Digital printed monochrome color fields represent a new mapping system based on the area and the average height of different countries.

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