Pierre Clément / Offshore
June 17 at 3:00pm until July 15 at 5:00pm

Pierre Clément, Offshore. From 17th of June to 15th of July 2012 at Villadebank. Opening Sunday 17th of June.

Pierre Clément is a french artist from south-west of France. He graduated with a DNSEP from ESAC des Pyrénées, Tarbes, France, in 2010. He’s currently in residence at ARE Holland (at B93) and ARTEZ for 6 months, within the MAP program of Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes and Transartists.

During the residency and for his show at VilladeBank, he focused his recent analog and digital researches on the economic field. From “The magician” of Jerome Bosch to typical graphic statistics of Wall street, flying by tropical tax havens and Gstaad pistes map, the installations he’s preparing, analyze, often in a cynical way, the two sides of the coin.